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My experience Air India Flight from Vancouver to New Delhi (October 27, 2022): The wheelchair access requested for my spouse, Pragna: Well, well – I have seen better services. We got the drop off to the security check (from the check-in counter) by a battery operated cart. “Your Maple Leaf lounge is just after the …

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Shen sensed Saanvi’s penetrating gaze drilling through him. The summer sun reflected on the silver car as they entered it. The Perspiration and the Shiver trickled down his spine. Now what? “What was that?” “What was what?” “Don’t be ridiculous. You know what I mean.” “Care for a cold-coffee?” “Not now. First, tell me why …

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An adventure is something you don’t enjoy while you are in it – but relish it (if you survive) later on. The adventurers can be categorized into three broad categories: Some people are born adventurers. Some become adventurers by planning. They plan their adventures with meticulous care. Tight rope walking across Niagara Falls (or jumping …

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