Is there life after birth? Asked the Guru.

YES and NO were the answers given by all the followers or believers (as you may like to call them). Some understood the significance of the question; others just ‘jumped’ to conlusion.

Life after Death – I don’t know.

And I am totally ignorant of life after birth.

As the song goes – Do you call living like this a life? It’s merely an existence.

To add spice to existence, one needs to add humour. To me humour brings out the colours; and converts the mere existence into life.

“I think, therefore I am” said Rene Descartes

I prefer to reclassify the famous quotation to:

“I laugh, therefore I am”.

So – if you want to smile, laugh and also think a little – here’s my attempt. If I hear a chuckle or two (feedback / comments), I would consider my attempt to convert ‘mere existence’ to ‘meaningful life’ – a success.


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Last modified: May 1, 2013

2 Replies to “About”

  1. Prashant Timblo says:

    A little taste of humour would have added zest to the message. So here goes..
    What’s a corpse’s favorite currency? Cryptocurrency.
    (While corpses don’t actually need money, if they did, they’d pay in cryptocurrency. The pun here relies on the word “crypt” which is a place where people are buried. It’s conveniently also the beginning of the word for Bitcoin and other types of digital currency.)

  2. Rajesh Chheda says:

    Nice website. Nicer to read your articles

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