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Fly, my beloved country!

I seem to attract special ‘jinx’ when on travel status in India. Air Canada / Jet Airways ‘managed’ to lose my bag while travelling from Vancouver to Mumbai in September 2014.


In November 2014 – our bags arrived intact – from Vancouver to Mumbai. And we were happy. Our Air India flight from Mumbai to Bhuj was very pleasant and uneventful. Then the luck stopped. Air India cancelled our return flight – and we had a connecting Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Goa on the same date. No alternatives. Mrs. And Mr. Shah you are being taken for a ‘ride’. No flight, no alternatives (except start couple of days earlier or couple of days later – both options not workable). So in short – get lost, buddy! Had to book the last minute flight by Jet Airways from Bhuj to Mumbai – a day earlier – cutting short our plans and events! And had to pay Rs. 10,000+ extra for the privilege of booking the tickets at the last moment. Viva Air India. Compensation? Zilch. I hope my brother gets his money back on the credit card.

Fast forward to Goa; and the return journey. I always feel sad when I am leaving Goa. I have the same feeling that I used to have going back to school after the summer vacation / Diwali vacation. Feel like crying for no reason; but then you have to go. After a day or two in the new class, everything is ok. Coming back to my Jet Airways flight – from Goa to Mumbai. We found some loose items on the baggage carousel – and Pragna and I tsk tsked saying somebody lost the part of the luggage – not realizing it was our OWN! One of the bags (less than 15kgs – per airlines regulations) was brought in with zip broken, and the contents flowing out! Lost few things – don’t know what and don’t care anymore. The attitude of the airline representative was far from sympathetic. Take Rs. 500 for repairing the Samsonite bag (cost Rs. 12,500) or get lost. “We can repair the bag for you – but we don’t guarantee when it will be returned to you”. My plea that we are flying for Vancouver on Saturday early morning – elicited ‘who cares?’ Resigned to the fate, I opted for the cash – and was asked to sign a ‘BLANK VOUCHER’ acknowledging that I had received the money. I refused to sign the blank voucher – ‘Please fill in the amount at least’ was met with such a dirty look – that I remembered the dictum – “If looks could have killed, I would have been dead”.


My homeward journey begins in about twelve hours. I need all my well-wishers blessings and prayers to have my home-bound flight without any mishaps; and the luggage (we included) returned safe and sound to my home Vancouver. I know I am ‘pissing’ off some people when I call Vancouver my home. But then, I am not to be blamed for this – blame it on Air India / Jet Airlines – and all the airlines in India! Till then, home, sweet home – here I come home!

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