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Death, be not proud


2014 has been, so far, a very brutal year. Too many deaths, too much sickness, too many cases of hospitalization / funeral home visits, et al. From my friend’s son, Rohan – who also happens to be my son’s friend (who died of motorcycle accident and / or doctor’s callousness and negligence) to my friend – who died doing what he loved – outdoor activities. In between – many hospital visits for various reasons (fortunately, none related to my / our family’s illness).

As I grow older, and in theory, becoming more mature, I am appalled by the swiftness of the ‘death’ and the aftermath it leaves. I am also surprised at my own attitude and feelings as against the feelings of very near ones to the deceased. For example, we were shaken to the core when Rohan died. But when I talked to his parents, I sensed their calmness and acceptance; and came to peace with the death myself. I have observed this with other deaths, too. May be I am putting too much value on death; or the others know something which I don’t.

Gireesh’s death is another example. While at the meditation camp, I cheated and looked at my phone – to find the text message about his death. Tranquillity, peace, meditation – everything flew out of the window; and after taking the permission from the Master, we rushed to his home. Yes, I know that nothing could or would be achieved – but had to meet Jaya.

Kaku Pole is the latest person to visit the ‘Heaven’ – the God’s home! And then there’s Malaysian Airlines tragedy. So many deaths – yet we are still alive!

I have known Gireesh to be a very fun loving and ever smiling person. Very rarely, if ever, I have seen him angry or disturbed. I know Jaya is a student of Vedas – but Gireesh seems to be a sage – like Buddha! Always tranquil, serene, unruffled. He always had a good word for everyone.

And then I witnessed the funeral proceedings to wish Gireesh the final good-bye. The very people who used take delight in his stories were moving around like ghosts. Swollen eyes, teary faces, weight of tonnes on their heads. Come on people….You have come to see your friend off on his final journey. Laugh, be merry, share jokes and stories that he has told us.

My death wish – or let’s say wishes to be fulfilled AFTER I die:

– To the extent possible, donate each part of my body

-The leftover (if any) – be put in a simple coffin (nothing elaborate – even a strong card-board box will do) and off I go

-No mourning please – absolutely none. No one, including my close family, is allowed to shed tears in public (and possibly in privacy)

-For ‘Prarthana / Prayer Sabha’ (more for the family and friends to cope with)  – after the usual prayers, share some jokes. Keeping in view of people in somber mood, let these jokes be of ‘clean’ type. Laughter is a MUST.

-At the funeral, the speakers MUST tell jokes (rather than eulogize and extol imaginary virtues of mine). Remember, it’s my funeral (and not yours) – and I have a right to choose. I choose laughter to tears or damned lies!

Enjoy the life – as if nothing happened, and carry on. For nothing is lost. Everything is gained. And if there’s life AFTER death, I shall be back. So if any one breaks the tenets given above, be aware. I don’t forget or forgive that easily. So…..YOU HAVE BEEN SUITABLY WARNED.

And if YOLO (you only live once) – then who cares? Profound respect to the teachings in Bhagvad Gita, I don’t believe in YOLO – there is LIFE after death. So double beware!

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