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If I am not mistaken, the word ‘habit’ in French means a dress. And how I wish that changing your habits was as easy as changing your dress! Why, in my early days of Bollywood, my friends and I counted twenty-seven different dresses in one song which lasted for less than five minutes!

Habits die hard – but not my poor dresses – who usually breathe their last within a year of use. My mother (and after marriage, my wife) always complained that I chew on my clothes, hence the early demise. I blamed it on their cooking (just joking, of course! I am still too young to die!)

Who decides which habits are good, and which are bad? Is it the society or your parents or your friends or who? A habit in one place may be good; whereas in other places may be abhorrent. Take the example of paying taxes voluntarily. Is it a good habit? Hmmm….In Canada – definitely YES. Other countries, it depends!

I had imbibed a mantra on the minds of my children –

Good thoughts result in good actions
Good actions result in good habits
Good habits result in good character
Good character into good destiny

 Do they still believe in the mantra? Do I believe in this mantra? I don’t know. But know I for sure – habits are very difficult to change.

The habit I would like to inculcate is that of ‘writing’ – “write something till you write something right” is the motto. And the habit I would like to quite is –you guessed it – ‘procrastination’. Like billion other human beings, I firmly believe that Tomorrow is Always There.

But in the meantime, I take baby steps – of putting down few of my thoughts. All with the goal in mind – “Write Something till you write Something Right”.

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Last modified: March 30, 2023