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Circus, Circus

Circus, Circus YOUTH You were you I was me Together two Became we. PRIME Years later From mere us To more than two We and ours. TWILIGHT You, me, alone. Lips caress yesteryears Trembling hands Wipe other’s tears Atul-Anand October 28, 2021

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“Don’t come to the living room when we have guests. DON’T. And never talk to any guests. Do you understand?” He stared at his left toe, then the right toe. He dared not look up. He knew not his fault. The command was not unusual, and used to be repeated and re-established whenever the family …

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An adventure is something you don’t enjoy while you are in it – but relish it (if you survive) later on. The adventurers can be categorized into three broad categories: Some people are born adventurers. Some become adventurers by planning. They plan their adventures with meticulous care. Tight rope walking across Niagara Falls (or jumping …

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