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My friend, Hemant was very much worried. He confided in me that it was the first time that he was being ‘summoned’ by the school principal of his son. “What he must have done now? A five-year-old terrorist – that’s what he is.” “Like father, like son!” I quipped. Needless to…

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“Not another wedding!” Shen groaned. Quick glance around the room confirmed that ‘She who must be obeyed’ was not within the earshot. Two souls tied together – for ever and forever. Till death does them apart. For next seven lives – together! Hokum, hohum, and hogwash… Attending one wedding in six months – he could …

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Rich Daasi, Poor Daddy

Not ‘Four Score and Seven Years ago’ – but definitely more than Two Score and Few Years ago. During my school days – in Panaji Goa. One night, Satish and I sat on our favourite bench at Campal ground and listened to the melodious songs being broadcast by Vividh Bharati on the program ‘Chhaya Geet’. …

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