Come in for a day or two

                                                           For Work or pleasure


                                                           in the end leave you must!

                                                           This is but a Guest House!

Come in for years few

Spend time since Birth,

to youth – Eyes on horizonNest

Forsake the familiar

Leave you must

Thus, this Empty Nest!

                                                           And in between?

                                                           Blustery Storms –

                                                           Trampling wishes and plans

                                                           Coming and going as one likes

                                                           Not a care in the world

                                                           Neither a Guest House

                                                           Nor an empty nest

                                                           It’s NEST HOUSE!


  1. Sunder

    Very nicely written 🙂 It is heartfelt and expresses what every parent will go thru at some point in their lives… I am very tempted to ask – what inspires you?

  2. A fool learns from his own experience

    A wise from the others. I am partly wise and partly foolish!

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