The gift of the ‘gab’

A perfect gift 

The birthday comes but once a year

(but in my case twice)

And so do the anniversaries (both of them)

The question is the “GIFT”

A ‘whine’-o-sorus that I am

I whine for trivial things

But today it’s nothing trivial

to whine about –it’s the day

the birthday of my beloved.

My gifts to date include

rivulets of tears, heart-aches, and pangs

The arguments escalating

to major fights

over trifle things. Truffles!

I vow on your this birthday

to have a different gift

The laughter, the merriment.

The ebullient brook that once flowed

From your heart to mine.

Let’s break all the dams

And flow with the river –

not of tears but

The laughter, the merriment.



  1. Ron Kidd

    This is sweet.  Thank you. Best wishes,

    Ron Kidd

    • Thanks for the comments and feedback. You are very ‘vocal’.

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