Monthly Archives: February, 2015

The gift of the ‘gab’

A perfect gift  The birthday comes but once a year (but in my case twice) And so do the anniversaries (both of them) The question is the “GIFT” A ‘whine’-o-sorus that I am I whine for trivial things But today it’s nothing trivial to whine about –it’s the day the birthday of my beloved. My …

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“And what did you buy for your wife?” “What?” “Valentine’s day! Remember? You don’t tell me you forgot AGAIN?” “Oh, no! I did not forget anything. I have a memory of the elephant – and a body to match! I bought this great gift for Pragna – only I don’t want to discuss about it.” …

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This is work of someone else – but I love it so here it goes: A T T I T U D E Two frogs fell into a vat of cream – or so I’ve heard it told. The sides of the vat were shiny and steep, The cream was deep and cold. “Oh, what’s …

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