Monthly Archives: November, 2014

Fly, my beloved country!

I seem to attract special ‘jinx’ when on travel status in India. Air Canada / Jet Airways ‘managed’ to lose my bag while travelling from Vancouver to Mumbai in September 2014. In November 2014 – our bags arrived intact – from Vancouver to Mumbai. And we were happy. Our Air India flight from Mumbai to …

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Why I smile

A smile, it is said is the shortest distance Between the hearts A crack of light in otherwise life which is full of dark A crack in a wall – unattended, unrepaired Wastes the wall And down it comes – destroyed A break in relationship A crack in the heart – unattended, unrepaired Fortifies the …

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“In Rome do as Romans do” – this was the sentence oft repeated in my school days – be it an English Grammar class or Social Studies – and the essence of this statement was ingrained on our malleable minds. When in Rome, we have to  behave and do as the Romans do! A ‘Gujju’ by …

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